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About Us

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Who We Are

Enthusiastic R&D chip designers with vast experience building ICs for automotive, industrial, medical, and professional applications. Ready to move cutting-edge technology boundaries and bring novel state-of-the-art systems to life.    

Our Mission

To bring disruptive chip solutions in mm-wave and sub-THz radar sensors and communication systems, ready to enable 6G, autonomous driving, and other next-generation technologies. 

about our proficiency

in what fields we are most specialized

Strong experience in analog, mixed-signal, RF, and mm-wave IC design in both low-node CMOS and BiCMOS process technologies.

LO Synthesis
  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Frequency dividers and multipliers
  • Power dividers and detectors
  • Quadrature generators
Nonlinear Circuits
  • Up-conversion mixers
  • Down-conversion mixers
  • Differential rectifiers

RF Amplifiers
  • Low-noise amplifiers
  • Variable gain amplifiers
  • Power amplifiers
  • Driver amplifiers
Frequency Generation

  • Frequency-locked loops
  • All-digital phase-locked loops
  • Multiplying delay-locked loops
  • FMCW multichirp generators

Automatic Calibrations

  • Gain, amplitude, and frequency
  • LO leakage and IQ imbalance 
  • Process-induced variations in capacitors and resistors

Data Converters

  • Time to digital
  • Digital to time
  • Digital to analog
  • Analog to digital 

Power Management

  • Bandgaps
  • Low-dropout regulators
  • Voltage/current references
  • Voltage multipliers

Baseband Filters

      Active and passive:

  • Low-pass filters
  • High-pass filters
  • Band-pass filters

    Baseband Amplifiers

    • Preamplifiers
    • Programmable gain amplifiers
    • Transimpedance amplifiers
    • Voltage/current buffers

    our team

    meet our team of professionals

    Founder and CEO

    Dr. Ivan Milosavljević has 11 years of professional experience in RF IC design. His technical background mostly focuses on high-frequency integrated circuits and frequency synthesis for mm-wave radar and communication systems.

    From 2011. to 2014, Ivan worked at TES Electronic Solutions as an R&D engineer in the analog/RF design team, where he participated in the design of MB-OFDM UWB (3.1 – 10.6 GHz) transceiver chipset for professional applications. In 2015, he joined Novelic as Group Lead for analog/RF/mm-wave IC with a special focus on the development of fully integrated FMCW radar sensors for short-range applications in both 57-71 and 77-81 GHz bands. He was also acting as System Architect and Technical Project Manager at Novelic. In 2022, he founded Silicon-Force where he works as AMS/RF/mm-wave IC designer and CEO.

    Ivan received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, in 2010, 2011, and 2020, respectively. He is author and co-author of more than 10 scientific papers in international journals and conferences, as well as co-author of two granted patents related to mm-wave radar sensors.